Why I Haven’t Watched The Force Awakens Trailer

Yup, you read that right. I haven’t watched it.

I saw the teaser. And the first time I saw it in the theatre I basically had an aneurysm in my seat as Harrison Ford’s voice rumbled through the theatre,” Chewie, we’re home.

So I’m the first to admit I love Star Wars, so why would I have not? Because I hate trailers with a burning passion. Not just Star Wars trailers, all trailers. Unless the movie is based on a book that I’ve read, I never watch trailers.
I think the trailers can ruin excitement and Christmas morning-like experience of seeing a movie for the first time in theatres. It’s a personal preference I’m sure, but I try to stick to my guns.

But let’s face it, I’m not going to be able to hold out much longer. With 48 left until The Force Awakens (and after the nerd rabies I always catch at Comic Con) I’ll probably cave in a week or two and then pretend to hate myself and I giggle in glee.

I’ll keep you updated.


Pants Rant and First Peek at My Costume

Han Solo Pants and Shirt


With only 11 days left til Comic Con, this may not look much like everyone’s favourite scruffy nerf herder, but it’s a solid start.

Thrift shopping for base clothing that can be modified is one of my favourite parts about the cosplay process, except when it comes to pants.
Not just cosplay pants, all pants.

Why do clothing stores (thrift shops and commercial stores alike) make it so hard to buy women’s pants?
Women’s sizing makes no sense. I should be able to walk into a store knowing my hip, waist, and inseam measurements and buy a pair of pants.
But instead I have to go into a store and try on several different sizes to find not the one that fits the best, but the one that fits the least poorly. Once I find my size, however, that’s not the end of it. Because different store’s have different sizes. A size 4 in one store can be the same as a size 6 in another.

So the process of buying simple, blue dress pants turns into a dressing room nightmare. I ended up trying on endless pairs of pants and choosing pairs that may not have fit perfectly but had the most easily fixed problems.

So my pants aren’t perfect, but they were bought with blood, sweat, and tears, just like every other pair of pants I own.

Han Solo would not approve.

Costume Data Required?

Have you ever wanted to cosplay Star Wars?
Like, really hardcore cosplay where every detail is cinematically correct?

With the help of the wonderful people at The Rebel Legion, you can.

They have a huge database of characters with detailed costume ‘requirements’ for their members, but it’s accessible to the public.
While the requirements are intense and in some cases overwhelming, it can be an amazing reference for costumers who are worried about accuracy and a great jumping off point for more casual costumers.

Where are the Women in The Walking Dead?

I know I sound like a broken record, but maybe if I play the record enough, it will make some sort of impact.

I watched the first episode of the Walking Dead this week.

And I loved it. I love the world, the special effects, the cinematography, all of it. What I don’t love is the depressing lack of female characters.

There’s that one zombie woman, the wife/mother. Does she have a name? I don’t think so. Not one that I can remember. Her purpose in life is literally to be the angst-fuel for her survivor husband. She has no relevance on her own. She exists only to further his plot line.

And what about the sheriff’s wife, the one we don’t see for basically the entire episode? We know her name because he screams it several times. But what do we know about her? Nothing. Absolutely nothing except for the fact that she’s cheating on her husband and is apparently incapable of making decisions without being advised by men in her life. You know what that sounds like to me? Furthering of the sheriff’s angsty plot line.

It would have been so easy to make one of the several minor characters women, but they didn’t and that saddens me.
I’m going to continue watching the show because I enjoyed it thoroughly and maybe they’ll introduce some more female characters, but I doubt it.

Order of the Jedi: How Do You Watch the Star Wars Saga?

Star Wars Saga

My family’s giant Star Wars cosplay has sparked a lot of interest in our friend circle. Many of our friends have decided to join us at Comic Con.
In preparation for the hectic costume-scramble of October, my family is hosting a Star Wars viewing. We’ll sit down and watch the movies back to back. Some of our younger viewers will be watching the series for the first time.
And we are once again faced with the time honoured question:

In what order do you watch the Star Wars movies?
There are two main camps on the subject, the “Release Order” camp versus the “Episode Order” camp.

It’s pretty simple:

Watching them in release order means you watch the original trilogy first, and then watch the prequel trilogy, which is how people who went to each opening night would have seen them.

Watching them in episode order means starting at the first prequel movie and watching them in sequence, chronologically, if you will.

However, when I was originally introduced to Star Wars I watched them in something dubbed the “Ernest Rister Order.” The order is as follows: IV, V, I, II, III, VI. It means the original movie is the introduction to Star Wars but also that there are no spoilers from the prequels before you discover them in the original trilogy.

However, in 2011, a new method rose to popularity, called “The Machete Order.” This viewing sequence was created by Rod Hilton in 2011. Read his in-depth article on the subject here. He based his order on the Ernest Rister Order but cuts out Episode I completely. His argument is that the first episode adds nothing to the plot, almost none of background characters carry through to the next movie, and (in his opinion) isn’t interesting or well written.

At our movie-viewing extravaganza, we’ll probably end up watching in Machete Order since it removes a two hours of viewing time (and most of Jar Jar Binks) but we’ll see.
I’d love to hear from you: How did you watch the saga? How do you wish you’d watched it? How would you show it to someone else?

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