Hannah’s Helpful Hints – Supplies

I have a serious problem with over-preparing. I think on my first day of CreComm I brought literally all of my worldly possessions.

And so, I give to you my tried and true list of supplies that you might not know you need
This isn’t a complete list, it doesn’t include stuff on the CreComm recommended list (laptop, ethernet cord, camera, ect.) I just hope it’ll make things easier in your first couple weeks.

A stapler – Buy one. Even a tiny one. Just pay the three bucks at Staples and make your life infinitely easier. (Bonus: having one is an awesome way to make friends)
A big binder – My binder wasn’t small. It was like, regular sized and it barely lasted me a semester before it was too full to use.
Looseleaf in your binder – Another great way to make friends
A water bottle – Keep yourself hydrated. You’ll feel less tired and it’ll force you to get up and walk around on breaks (which helps you concentrate more during class)
A pair of headphones (not earbuds) – Editing audio just really sucks with earbuds. You’ll think it sounds one way and then on big speakers it’ll sound totally different.
Some hi-lighters in different colours – Super useful for copy editing, you can either hi-light words you want to be able to check quickly, or edits you want to make.
Lots of pens – Or pencils, if that’s your jam.
Also at least a few pencils – Spoiler Alert: you’re going to be writing outside in the winter. Pens freeze very quickly and it sucks.
An eraser – Another Spoiler Alert: sometimes you have to draw things and you’ll need it.

BONUS: Things that I didn’t need but increased my comfort significantly
A travel mug Your bank account will thank you. There’s also free hot water at the Grab-n-Go, so you can bring your own tea or hot chocolate.
A charging port and cord  Both for your laptop and your phone.
A USB mouse – I know some people in my class did design class with the trackpad, but it was literal torture for me.
A sweater – Some of the classrooms get really cold. I generally always wear sweaters, but I kept an emergency one in my locker just in case and I needed it a few times.