C4 2015

C4 2015 was amazing.

This is the first year we went both Saturday and Sunday and I would never do anything else.

My Star Wars family also entered the Novice costume contest category, and we won second place.

Star Wars Family

C4 is my favourite event of the year. Since I’m not super into a lot of video games or comic books and I’m not a walking encyclopedia of geek knowledge I tend to forget that I’m a massive nerd, a title I want to wear proudly.

At C4 I can terrify poor Steven Universe cosplayers by being so enthusiastic about their costumes and I can freak about that one guy who looked EXACTLY like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I can drool over lightsabre katanas and no one judges me.

Well maybe the Steven Universe cosplayers thought I was batshit crazy. (I got REALLY excited, okay!) I didn’t see any Steven Universe cosplayers Saturday, so the ones I came across Sunday got the full five of two days worth of pent up excitement.

Ruby and Saphire

But at C4 we all get excited about something. My little sister bought My Little Pony artwork that she fell in love with. My youngest brother just started playing the second Mass Effect game, so every time he saw a Shepard he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. My dad got to meet Pablo Hidalgo, the man partially responsible for Star Wars D6, which is the “style” he DMs for both my siblings and I, with him own party and later this month at JimCon.

You don’t want to hide anything at C4. Because every gasp, every smile, every time you ask someone for a picture or call a friend over to look at something, you make someone’s day.

We made a TF2 Medic’s day. Apparently no one knew who he was, but my family crowded around him oo-ing and ah-ing over his costume, which was amazing, right down to a bloody Archimedes on his shoulder.

TF2 Medic

At C4 (or I assume any other comic con) every time you let your nerdy colours fly, you make someone else’s day brighter (or their wallets fuller).

It’s an amazing ego booster.

Every Time I heard the words “Hey, it’s a female Han Solo.” Even if they didn’t talk to me in person, I felt like I was a part of the big picture.

So relax, don’t hold in that gasp when you see a jaw-dropping Loki helmet or an extremely cute stuffed Princess Bubble Gum or a Big Daddy costume so immense he can’t wear it for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Fangirl. Ask for pictures with your favourite characters, or even just take pictures to show friends. REMEMBER: Cosplay does NOT equal consent: Ask before you touch. I’m talking to YOU creepy Snake guy.

C4 is where you won’t be judged, you’ll be appreciated. Let your inner nerd, no matter how specialized, shine.

Barf and Solo